Proof Dinosaurs Still Live Among Us: Dinovember

Have you ever wondered if your toys play around in the night? Or hoped that they do? #Dinovember is the month for you then! Some very creative folks posted to medium this week about a tradition they have in their family every November that involves some serious Dinosaur shenanigans. We’re all about taking creatures from the past and making them a part of the future here at Shapeways, so here are a few of our favorite dinos!

Unstoppable TRex by Ryan Kittleson

Compy dinosaur desktop figurine by vfxguy 

ModiRaptor Dino Kit by Kidmechano  

Brachiosaurus Chubbie Krentz by David Krentz

Sedated T.Rex (sedated for train transport) by OwenK

T.Rex Skull Charm by 3DKitBash!

What 3D Printed creatures do you wish made a friendly “bump in the night?”

Bonus Dinosaur Joke:
Where did the Dino go to lay in the sun?
By the Dino-shore of course :)!

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