Meme inspired 3D Prints

There’s no denying that memes pronounced “Meem,” like “gene” are one of the best things that exist on the internetz. Memes are a digital phenomenon that embodies and captures the many behavioral and idealogical elements of human culture. Memes serve as a popular form of expression and way of communication. The memes you love and relate to say a lot about you. Memes are very popular on Shapeways and today we’ve curated a few popular 3D Printed memes for you. 

Joseph DucreuxHe is a lyrical wordsmith genius and the greatest archaic rap artist of our generation. “Disregard females, Acquire currency” 

3D Printed Dinosaur“RAWR” means I Love You in Dinosaur

Success Kid: Becomes popular internet meme. Is now also a popular 3D printed meme. #Success 

A Little Sad Keanu Reeves: Sad Keanu is Sad 

Me Gusta Coin because ME GUSTA! 

3D Printed memes make the perfect holiday gift for friends or folks that exhibit the memes behavior or inside joke. Once just silly images with words on it, now actual objects you can touch, feel, and own. At Shapeways you find the memes of the future! #MindBlown