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Video: Crawl with the Latest Additions to Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest Family

Is someone in your family asking for pet this holiday season? Want one that doesn’t make a mess or require food? Meet the newest members of Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest 3D Printed Animal Family, Gracilis and Larva! Be sure and watch the video of Theo talking about these “animals” and how they survive in their “habitats.” You can see them crawl around, and learn how Larva was optimized for cuteness (seriously). 

These are adaptations of Theo Jansen’s Dutch beach creatures that come out of our printers fully assembled and ready to walk! They are one of the cleanest examples of what is possible with Selective Laser Sintering. 

All of Theo’s Strandbeests are currently available in Theo’s Shapeways shop and two are featured in our Holiday Gift Guide. Save $10 if you buy either of Theo’s gift guide models or any other 3D Prints featured in our Gift Guide before Friday at midnight: Use the promo code GiveEarly at checkout. 

What Beest do you want to 3D Print next?