Check out these 3D printed iphone 5S cases

Once again Apple has released a new version of the iPhone which means your previous iPhone is no longer the latest and greatest mobile device. The good news is that the iPhone 5S has the same exterior as the iPhone 5 which means these 3D printed iPhone cases on Shapeways would perfectly compliment your naked iPhone. Take a look at these awesome 3D iPhone picks.

Commemorate Fall with this Skeleton Dead Leaf design case for your iPhone 5S. It’s made of strong and flexible plastic, and it comes in multiple vibrant colors. This is the perfect case to give your iphone that unqiue morbid look.

The best way to protect your phone from a drop is by not dropping it in the first place. This HiLO X Grip case is designed to increase your grip on your phone therefore decreasing the likelihood of you dropping it.

This Cariband case is very convenient for holding everyday items on your iPhone 5/5S such as cards, cash, and small non-flat things like a pen. Think of it as a mini wallet on your phone.

This is a really cool Rotary Phone Case with a built in dial rotator. Make your friends jealous by dialing back the black with this on your phone.

Deck out your phone with this sweet Voronoi styled design case. The design is amazing to show off and has a great smooth feel to it.

Which are your favorite phone cases?

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