Today marks a milestone as Shopowner and scale miniature expert Stony Smith has just earned $10,000 in profit from his Shapeways Shop. Stony works full-time as a developer and runs his Shapeways shop (and moderates the Shapeways forums) in his spare time.

  • Stony’s first sale was Feb 28, 2010
  • In April of 2011, he was interviewed by Wired Magazine because of his Shapeways Shop
  • Stony’s most popular models are:



Any lessons you have for other designers / shopowners who want to hit the $10K milestone?

Stony : “Do an equal mix of your own interests and interacting with buyers to find out what they desire. You’ll get bored doing just one of them.

Those best sellers.. the automobile frames, were a request from a friend. They’re something that I would never have done otherwise. My general standard is that I’ll tackle any request if the item is “interesting” to me. This whole journey has been “That’s cool.. can you do one of THESE?”

How do you want to reach your next sales milestone?

Even with all this success, I still consider this to be a hobby, and won’t be quitting my day job. I’m more in it for the community. There’s probably a dozen shopowners that I helped get started with making designs.

I’d love to make $20k, but that’ll be another 6 years. My only regret/desire is to figure out some way to do some actual marketing, but MY market is rather closed. I’d have to invest a lot of time in social media (train forums).

How will you use the $10K in sales you’ve earned so far? 

I will use the money to buy more trains!!!! A hobby that funds itself is a good thing 🙂