Shop Ceramics at New Lower Prices!

As you may already know, we recently lowered the pricing of our Ceramics! As a result, Shapeways Shop Owners got really excited and wanted to share their newly priced models with you. Check out the amazing deals now available on classic ceramic models from espresso cups to vases, candle holders to chopstick holders!

Plateless Espresso Cup was $77.58, now $44.99!

Ceramic Shell Candle Holder was $44.28, is now $19.81!

Sphere Cup was $50.16, now $29.90!

Bulbous Succulent Planter #2 was $116.05, now $77.99!

Spice Shaker was $57.06, now $29.85!

Soapaduct was $69.39, now $40.67!

Rock Espresso Mug was $38.96, now $24.09!

Mini vase was $20.08, now $10.91!

4-4 Sushi was $29.58, now $18.98!