Shop Owner Challenge Day 20: How to Go Viral

Have you ever wondered how to go viral? How to see a traffic spike in the five to six figure range? Well, while it does take a bit of timing and luck, there is a formula to it. Today, Christopher, our resident reddit master and general knower of all things cool breaks down how to design timely products and go viral! Take it away, Chris!

I’m going to start this blog post by making the following statement; virality is often based on the following few criterias:

Personal Connection
Cleverness and Wit
Innovation & Originality

… or any combination of the above.

When attempting to create virality, it is important to think about the above aspects in context of sharability. Let’s face it; it’s easy enough to get your friends to share something for you. What becomes a true test of virality is how many of your friends’ friends re-share what they saw. 

Then you might say: “Great! They shared stuff; I’ll be popular very soon!”

To which I say, hold your horses just a little there. It is also important to understand your product and target audience/market fit. For example; it may be very easy to get a cool 3D printed cat themed product viral and shared within Reddit; however if attempting to broadcast this on other websites/communities with a different culture and set of inside-references, your product might not get shared at all.

Which brings up an interesting question: do you design for a specific community (supply/demand model), or do you design something completely different that plays on other tangents of virality (new market creation model) and attempt to hit a cross-section of existing communities and markets.

Well, the answer to that is you. In almost all cases, that choice beckons what you, yourself, are truly passionate about, and what will make you put the extra effort into making your product become a hit. Whether it’s something you create for a personal or innovation reason, or it’s something you think is “hilariously awesome” and want to use to make other people smile with, and dig the idea that just snuck up on them. From there on out, it’s all about letting your inspiration and creativity lead you.

You can even combine markets and interest factors with pop-culture and contemporary inside-references. For example, things like “Twerking iPhone 5 Case” or “Internet Meme Poker Chips Set”, right now, have a virality potential that is higher than for example just “my new iPhone 5 Case”.

In almost all cases, when you find yourself looking for inspiration to create that runaway hit that everyone talks about; scour the media; the interwebs; popular online communities; and your friends for fads, interests and clever references that you can incorporate into your designs.

The bottom line of virality is to keep everything mentioned above in mind while you are creating. It’s easier to hit virality with existing trends and fads than it is to do with something completely new and original. At the same time though; the rewards (both financially, and emotionally), scale across that spectrum of easy to tough.

Ultimately, you are your own master, and experimenting with examples that hit nicely across the spectrum of inspiration from “riding a bandwagon” to “this is completely groundbreaking” is what is going to give you the experience needed to nail a product/market fit.