It’s the time of year when we take a moment to look back at everything that happened in 2015. As we’ve always said, one of the greatest things about 3D printing is how people can make and receive such unique products that nobody else will have. However, there are always some products that strike a chord with a lot of people and become incredibly popular with shoppers. Below, check out the top 10 purchased products from the Shapeways marketplace in 2015.

10. Moto 360 Bumper Case – Tall, Gen 1 (Shop: Raelx)

9. GoPro Helmet NVG Mount (Perfect Alignment) (Shop: BrainExploder)

8. GoPro Zenmuse H3-3D/H4-3D Gimbal Transport Lock V2 (Shop: Fusion Imaging)

7. Replacement Clips Betrayal – Single Player (Shop: David Raso)

6. Jebediah Kerman on IVA (Shop: Kerbal Space Program 3D Prints)

5. Microsoft Band Charging Stand (Shop: Idle Hands Development)

4. Thorn Dice Set with Decader (Shop: Made by Wombat)

3. Gopro Zenmuse Bracket H3 3D (Shop: Boarz Designs)

2. CW Blackjack Upgrade “Gun-Axe” (Shop: Ariel’s Customs)

1. Pocket Clip for Fitbit Flex (Shop: TomBot)