Shop Owner Challenge Day 17: Show at a Shapeways Supported Event

I’m fortunate enough to be here in the town that Shapeways started, Eindhoven, NL for Dutch Design Week. We’re featuring a variety of Shop Owners in our booth over the course of the event, and anyone in the area with a complete shop is invited to come show! It’s been an incredibly inspiring 48 hours in Holland and today your challenge is to join us, or throw a Shapeways event of your own! Dario Scapitta is a long time Shapie and a Shop Owner who showed with us today at Dutch Design Week.

Reach Out to Us
Let us know where you are and how we can help. We may not send the fleet, but we can always support your efforts to be at, or host, an event/fair/bazaar etc. 
Find Great Events
You know your city/region/country better than we ever could, so be our eyes on the ground and alert us to the awesomeness in your area! We love sharing the Shapeways spark with new communities.
Have Your Best Products on Hand
Sometimes events pop up unexpectedly. Having your favorite models on hand (or preferably on display in your home 😉 can be handy when getting in on something last minute. No need for inventory though, as shoppers can buy the products they see in real life, online instantly. 
Brand Your Shop Well
All of the designers at our Dutch Design Week booth have well designed business cards and collateral to give away. These little touches make the experience with your products and the power of Shapeways memorable. 
Have a Positive Attitude
We feed off positive energy, the people visiting our booth feed off it, and it will keep you going through a long day! Every Shop Owner I’ve worked with leaves feeling exhausted and inspired- signs of a good days work :).
Don’t Be Bashful
Everyone wants to hear about 3D printing, your design process, and how they can get your products so they can tell their friends about it all. Seriously. *Drops Mic*
Hope you’re all having a fantastic week! Best wishes from here in Eindhoven. 

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