We’ve talked a lot about how 3D printing can make life a little easier and a little more fun. Whether you’ve designed a replacement part for a product you already own or are looking for a new piece for your favorite game, 3D printing can be your answer. Recently, an artist took things one step further and used 3D printing to create a classic game designed to be easy to learn.

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Photo: BoingBoing.net

Artist Nova Jiang has reimagined the way a chess set is designed and created a version that actually makes it easier to learn the game itself. Interviewed by Boing Boing, Jiang said that the design of the game pieces was done in a way so that the pieces themselves suggested their function in the game, and make it more intuitive. This is just part of her exhibit Orthogonal/Diagonal.

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Photo: BoingBoing.net

The shapes are done in a way that allow you to know exactly which way a specific pieces is able to move on the board thanks to the way it “splays outward.” Whether or not someone who has never played the game of chess before can learn by just looking at the pieces remains to be seen, but Jiang is sure that this design will “work well as guides in addition to the instructions.”

Be sure to read the full story to learn more about Jiang, this chess set and more ideas behind her exhibition.