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As we’ve talked about before, Kickstarter is a great way to gain suppport to bring a product to life and we love when we get to help with that mission. Today we’re excited to tell you about a company that is making life a little more fun for music and guitar lovers.

Guitar Triller is a company that is changing the way people play the guitar. They recently launched a Kickstarter for their new, guitar accessory. The triller is designed for striking strings in a way that creates powerful and expressive notes. It goes beyond picks and fingers to introduce new sounds to your music and gives you a world of possibilities.

The Guitar Triller is the perfect example of how amazing something can be when designed perfectly. And their campaign is the perfect example of how to keep people excited for a product that isn’t on the market just yet.

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While the finished product won’t be available right away, the team has found a way to make sure backers receive something for their contribution before the year is over. And that’s where Shapeways comes in. As part of their rewards for backers, they are offering 3D printed models from Shapeways that you can receive before the final manufacturing process is complete. The best part? You can get models in time for the holidays! So if their is a guitar lover in your life you’ll be able to surprise them with an amazing gift this year!

Be sure to check out the kickstarter on Cyber Monday to take advantage of this fun offer. You’ll have until Wednesday to back the campaign and will receive your 3D printed models a few weeks later!

Check out Guitar Triller here for more information on this cool product and videos on how it works.