Contest: Customize your Costume with Shapeways 3D Printing

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Halloween pop-up shops have taken over New York City (and likely your stomping grounds as well). Walking through these spooky stores, I’m always so disappointed with the lack of individuality. The costumes are the same as they were 20 years ago! Here at Shapeways we believe that every product can, and often should, be customized to your liking. This time of year, products should be COSTUME-ized! So share your designs with us on social media for a change to win $100 in Shapeways cash! 

The Loot:
$100 First Prize
$50 Second Prize
$25 Third Prize
Contest Details:
Designs must be your own, as always, like the sweet crawler shot glass by Christopher Cordingley above.
Designs do not need to be new- if you’re on the ball and already have your costume printed, great! 
Submit your entries on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest with the hashtag #ShapewaysHalloween and links to your model/shop.
Bonus points for photos uploaded to our social channels using hashtag #ShapewaysHalloween.

Bonus points if there are multiple people or pets in the photos also accessorized with 3D printed products, printed by Shapeways.
Contest Ends Sunday, November 3rd.

Here is a bit of old hallows eve inspiration from our community to get the gears or ghosts moving in your mind:

Ram Horns by Trish Dobson Designs, Pumpkin Earrings by Viderevidenda, Pumpkin Seal by Lightbringer!  

Spooky Shaping! 
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  1. Will

    Just want to clarify, “designs must be our own” means totally original(design and model) or just “I created my own 3d model of Iron Man’s faceplate to print and wear”?

  2. mkroeker

    Deadline is November 3rd, in case anybody wonders. (cf. Discussion forum post
    by shapeways’ youknowwho4eva).
    Prices will probably be awarded cost(h)umously 🙂

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