Shop Owner Challenge Day 10: Getting Promoted on Shapeways

I bet many of you have wondered, “How do I get my product featured on Shapeways?” Today, I’m going to let you in on our secrets and give you the Pro Tips for making the front page.

First, your shop must be “complete.” How do we define that? Four or more products (take a peek at the designer spotlight each week to see examples) that have been printed successfully before.
Second, all four of those products need to be photographed, not renders. This is so your future customers can get the most realistic feel for the products you’re offering. Yes, we know some of you are amazing at photorealistic renders, but when you’re offering products to someone who has likely never seen a 3D print before, it’s nice to show them the tangible proof of concept. 
Third, we look for shops that have been built with care. Designers and Makers who have taken into consideration the template images on the site and will translate well across platform. Taking the extra few minutes to build your banner is worth it!
Fourth, we want people and stories our community can connect to. Upload a thumbnail of yourself or your favorite model as your profile image. Share your design inspiration with with the shoppers on our site. Humanize the micron-precision of the lasers. Tell us how Shapeways has changed your business.
Fifth, let us know you’re out there! We do our best to constantly search for new emerging brands and shops on Shapeways, but even we are human. Tweet at us, post on our Facebook wall, or join us in our forums and post your designs in “It Arrived!” or “Feature This.” Feeling shy? Email I’m happy to give your shop the once over anytime. 
Another action packed week of the Shop Owner Challenge yet to come, stay tuned!

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