Earlier this year we announced that we partnered with multiple locations in the Netherlands to offer 3D scanning to everyone, and today we’re excited to announce that anyone in New York will be able to get scanned on Friday, November 27th and Saturday, November 28th at Pixel Academy locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan. For this special weekend, anyone can be scanned for free and will have the chance to purchase their very own 3D selfie on Shapeways.

Pixel Academy is a company that enables students to learn 21st-century in a relaxed environment through workshops, camps and more. They offer a unique learning experience for kids and teens and utilize a project-based approach encourages exploration and creativity with cutting-edge technologies – like 3D printing!

We’re thrilled to be partnering with a company that is committed to educating students about emerging technologies and giving them the hands on experience it takes to learn. Offering 3D scanning means students (and their families and friends) can take their learnings further and see themselves come to life through 3D printing. With this partnership, Shapeways and Pixel Academy are taking selfies out of your phones and into your hands!

3D Selfie group

The scanning process will be done using Skanect, a 3D scanning software made by our partners Occipital. Without their innovation, we would not be able to offer these 3D selfies for so many people. Because the software is so simple to use and set up, anyone can get started quickly and efficiently. The subjects being scanned will just need to hold a pose for 1-2 minutes, and the scanner does the rest! It’s a fun activity for kids and adults of any age and, just in time for the holidays, these prints will make for amazing gifts.

Scanning is open to the public and will make for a fun after-Thanksgiving activity for families in New York. After this first weekend, Pixel Academy will be offering scanning through December at their Brooklyn location every weekday from 1-2 p.m. and 6:30-7:30 p.m. Their Upper East Side location will offer scanning every Thursday and Friday from 6-7 p.m.

Drop-ins are welcome on the 27th and 28th, but you can reserve your spot and make an appointment.

Find out more about scanning here.