Another 3D printed puzzle: Oskar’s plugged dice

Richard Gain is not the only one making puzzles on Shapeways. We also are lucky to have Oskar van Deventer. He makes a lot of great puzzles in a lot of varieties and you can see them all in his Shop. My favorite puzzle by far is Plugged Dice. Basically it is a cube where you can insert the plugs to make up the points on the dice. Oskar says of it, “This is quite a puzzle as each plug can be inserted in many ways, but the whole fits only in one way.” It sounds fiendishly difficult. Check out the video of the puzzle below. 

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  1. Mitchell Jetten

    looks really great,, but when i was watching the model page of this puzzle on shapeways,,

    it said it was about 660dollars!? are you for real? would love to buy it,, but that’s about way to much money for me :(

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