Updated US Shipping Options on Shapeways

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We’re excited to share that for those shipping to the United States, you’ll now be able to choose from the following options on Shapeways: Standard, Two Day and Next Day. This enables you to get your Shapeways products faster than ever!  We want to make these options affordable and accessible, so we’ve priced them as low as we can. Standard shipping will cost $6.50, with Two Day costing $9.50 and Next Day costing $15.50. You’ve asked for improved shipping solutions for some time, and these updates are the foundation for future enhancements.

To make shipping options available as fast as possible to our entire community across the globe, we’ll be unveiling expanded shipping options by region as they become available. As we move forward, we’ll be able to iron out any kinks along the way, ensuring a smooth transition. We’re committed to offering multiple shipping options to our worldwide customers and ask that you please be patient with us as we build relationships with new carriers.

This is the first in a series of exciting shipping enhancements on Shapeways and your feedback is an essential part of how we continue to improve. So please, as always, let us know what you think! 

Happy Shaping. 


  1. GWMT

    That’s great! Looking forward to an alternative to UPS for shipping to Canada.

  2. Rick

    *AWESOME!* Looking forward to using your services again once USPS service to Canada gets going

  3. Elisa

    Thanks guys, we’re working on improved Canadian shipping options!

    1. James

      Wow! I just got charge 62% UPS brokerage fee on the cost of one of my orders from Shapeways and 52% on the second order! Shapeways, your UPS delivery company is absolutely outrageous in it’s cost! I ordered a $27 item and UPS charged me $19 in brokerage fees! I really like ordering from the designers but these UPS brokerage charges, which are completely out of nowhere, are unacceptable. Please give us another option – this is unacceptable!
      Toronto, Canada.

  4. Carol English

    We are in Canada and really excited about working with Shapeway but are very frustrated because we have only one shipping option through UPS and, in spite of free trade regulations, which should allow anything manufactured in the US to come through to Canada without tariffs, we are being subjected to huge UPS “brokerage” fees. I order products regularly from companies in the US and, although I do have to pay duty on items not manufactured in Canada, I have never been subject to these brokerage fees.

    If you really want to expand your market internationally, or at least to Canada, could you please look into alternative shipping arrangements or some kind of arrangement with customs so that your loyal customers are not driven to give up working with you.



    1. Elisa


      I totally understand your frustrations and can promise you that we’re looking into improved Canadian shipping options. Hopefully I’ll have more news to share with you soon!


    2. Jeanie

      That’s great to hear Elisa, but respectfully, we’ve been told that for at least 8 months now.
      I understand it takes a while to implement a system, but hearing “soon, soon, soon” with no outcome gets hard to handle, especially when we are so excited to use your service!

    3. Elisa


      I’m excited to share that we’re now shipping to Canada using USPS! What does this mean for you? It means that you’ll now be paying an upfront fee of $11.50 but that you won’t be paying those expensive and unpredictable brokerage fees that many of you have been hit with in the past. Keep in mind that although the upfront price of USPS is a little bit higher than UPS, you’ll be saving $30+ in brokerage fees. We know that many of you have been asking for this for a while and hope it makes your Shapeways experience ten times better!

      We’re working hard to make sure that Canadian Shapies have the best shipping options in time for the holidays. So keep on 3D Printing and let us know what else we can do to make your lives easier!

  5. Urik

    Any idea or estimation regarding availability of worldwide shipping, the destinations and costs?

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