Just over 5000 years ago man entered the Bronze Age, now you too can have access to the material that mankind used to build the tools that transformed civilization into what it is today. 

Bronze 3D Print You Demons on Shapeways

The 3D printed Bronze at Shapeways is a high-detail metal with a deep red color similar to rose gold. It has a subtle marbling effect, and the silvery highlights give each piece their own unique character. 

As with our 3D printed Brass, this new material will be available at Shapeways as Raw Bronze and Polished Bronze with the exact same design rules as Brass, so items you have designed for one material, will be printable in the other.

raw & Polished Bronze 3D Print Shapeways

Crystal Ring in Polished Bronze left vs Raw Bronze right 

Raw Bronze has a rustic matte look with some rough surfaces. It is great for antique-looking objects, vintage and steampunk jewelry, functional parts, and more. Coloration may vary across a single object, and as with all Bronze it may tarnish over time, in a cool way.

BAd Bowie the Bunny gets RAW in Bronze 3D Prints at Shapeways

Bowie the Bunny 3D Print in Raw Bronze 

Polished Bronze goes through an extensive hand polishing process to give it a super smooth, glossy finish. It is great for miniatures, precious objects, and shiny, modern jewelry. 

The Details

Raw Bronze: $10.00 + $16.00/cm3

Polished Bronze: $20.00 + $18.00/cm3

Minimum Wall: 0.6mm (Raw), 0.8mm (Polished)

Max Bounding Box: 89 x 89 x 100 mm 

Lead Time: 15 business days

To get you started, we are offering 10% off purchases of your own designs in Polished Bronze and Raw Bronze!

Use code qferw at checkout through 11:59pm EDT on October 15th. 

Now as we at Shapeways enter the Bronze age, make good use of the tools we put before you for the Neolithic Period is sure to follow. Prepare thy selves…

The fine print: This promotion is non-transferable and valid 5 times per customer with a maximum discount of $1,000 per order. This promotion may not be combined with other discounts or promotion codes. 10% discount applies only to 3D prints of your own models in Polished Bronze or Raw Bronze (not total order value). If you order a model during the promotion period that cannot be printed and has not been successfully printed before, we cannot apply discounts to future orders. If you return your purchase, you will be refunded the amount paid.