Friday Finds: Defying Gravity with the Incredible Power of 3D Printing

This Friday we are taking a look at some of the more functional designs from the Shapeways community using the incredible power of 3D printing to defy gravity, and other feats of material suspension

3D Print Lightsaber Stand Shapeways

Like this Lightsaber Stand, no longer shall your Jedi weapon (you are a Jedi) lay on your bedroom floor to be accidentally stood on and activated unintentionally at 3am when half awake and stumbling for a glass of water. 

Pliers also tend to obey the laws of physics, falling clumsily to the ground when not held in hands or buried under other tools.  Say NO MORE, peg those bad boys to a wall with the Pliers Holder for a Type A Peg Board. (WARNING: may not work on Type B peg board)

Ok, I am not sure exactly what the Zip Tie Clip would defend from the evil of gravity, but everyone loves zip ties.

Order from Chaos… That is EXACTLY what the Kbullklip provides. 

Thank you 

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