Happy Friday, Shapies! Many of you already have email or newsletter lists of fabulous folks interested in keeping up with your work, and if you’re just starting out, you will soon! I always look forward to Shapie Shop Owner emails like Joshua Harker’s newsletters below, even if they make me coil in travel envy. Today, Micah, the fine individual responsible for all things email marketing here at Shapeways, shares his top 3 tips so you can make your emails memorable and concise. Remember, your goal is to turn potential customers into real customers while building your personal brand.

Make your subject line Clear, Concise, and Compelling.
Clear: Tell your readers what’s inside. Being vague or misleading only hurts long-term engagement, as disappointed readers are more likely to unsubscribe.
Concise: Multiple studies have shown that subject lines under 50 characters have higher open rates. Keep it short! (And make sure that your subject line is no more than 8 words.)
Compelling: Pose a question or make a timely reference. “Personalization” has lost its lift, but “localization” will make your email seem more relevant to a local fanbase.
Differentiate Your Content.
Make it personal: Let your own personality show! If you’re a designer, let your design aesthetic shine through when you write an email. That’s why customers buy from you on Shapeways!
Teach, don’t sell: Tell and show (through pictures and video) what inspired your products and why your readers will enjoy them. Get people emotionally invested in you and your designs.
Have a clear Call To Action (CTA).
What is the goal of your email? What do you want your readers to do? Figure this out before you start to write, and make it clear.
“Buy Now” isn’t your only option for a CTA. Get readers to check out a new video, follow you on social media, or share your design with a friend who might be interested in your work.
Pro Tip from Savannah: These tips are not only great for email, but also useful when writing your product descriptions. Hopefully these tips will help you write some amazing emails!

PS – Always give readers a way to unsubscribe if they don’t want to hear from you anymore. You shouldn’t be emailing anyone who you don’t have permission to contact, because that create lots of trouble with the law.