Ornament CustomMaker Challenge!

3D printing enables anyone to create amazing products – from jewelry and figurines to drone accessories and keychains. And with our CustomMaker feature, every product can be instantly personalized to every shopper.

For this challenge, design a unique holiday ornament, upload it to, enable CustomMaker to let your customers personalize it and share it with the community to get $15 in Shapeways Money. No purchase is necessary to participate and receive the credit – all you need to do is upload an ornament you designed and enable CustomMaker.

Shapeways will also choose our favorite models to be printed, professionally photographed and included in promotional material. By participating in the challenge you grant us permission to do so. Models be picked on the basis of creativity, manufacturing feasibility and presentation.

All Submission are due by Saturday November 14th at 12 PM EST. Shapeways Money will be processed the following week.

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How to Join the Challenge

Design an ornament

  • Using your favorite 3D modeling software, design an ornament. Ornaments do not need to be new, you can use ornaments you’ve already designed as long as it has not been entered into a previous CustomMaker Challenge. Feel free to design for whatever material you think is best, but make sure they can hang from a tree.

Upload Your Design to Shapeways

  • Open up a Shapeways shop (if you don’t already have one). Upload your model* using the upload button. Put your model in the ‘Home’ and ‘Accessories’ categories and tag it as is relevant. Set your model to ‘public’ and ‘for sale’ in your Model Details page. Set the prices with your markup for the materials you want to offer in (we’d recommend the Strong and Flexible family).

*Models must be .stl or .obj

Activate CustomMaker to Personalize Your Design

  • In your model’s ‘Customization’ field, enable CustomMaker so shoppers can personalize your ornament with text and/or an image. Make sure that the text or image fits on the case correctly and that the shopper has instructions to understand the maximum number of characters they can use. Remember to set an adequate embossed or engraved depth for the materials that shoppers could purchase.

Share Your Entry!

  • Share a link to your product in the Ornament CustomMaker Challenge thread along with a photograph or render. Remember you can share as many products as you want, but only one credit will be given per shop. Then help choose which you think are the best entries.


  • Credits are limited to one per person

  • Products submitted cannot have been submitted to previous CustomMaker Challenge
  • By participating in the CustomMaker Challenge you are granting Shapeways a perpetual, nonexclusive, sublicensable, royalty-free, and worldwide license to use your model, description, and photographs, as well as print and distribute prints of your model, for promotional purposes.

  • All submissions must be awesome

  • All submissions must be submitted by Saturday November 14th at 12 PM EST.

  • All submission must comply with the Shapeways Terms & Conditions and Content Policy.