Geo Nerd Alert: Norwegian 3D Printed Terrain Maps

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Thanks to Even Westvang of the BENGLER Project, you can now 3D Print any part of Norway’s epic terrain. He built an app using the Shapeways API, that lets you simply click on the interactive map, explore the landscape, find the fiord that makes your heart sing and print it! Further proof the benefits of open source communities and data, Westvang points out that “Terrafab is made possible by the open data policies of the Norwegian Mapping Authorities.” It’s no wonder, since “Norway has one of the top five most incredible terrains in the known universe,” according to Westvang, that it’s the first nation we’ve seen 3D Printed this way. You can see what I mean in the beautifully executed video below:

What other maps are open source? Where else would you like a 3D Printed Map of? What other geodata needs to be liberated? Share your thoughts in the comments.  


  1. Henrik

    “Removing trolls” (when it creates the 3D)
    Hehehee. Amazing :-)

    I love how simple and beautiful this app is. Now, godda go search those shores where we had good luck getting torsk… and 3D print it for next generations to remember. X marks the spot eh?

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