Precious Silver: Raw and Polished

Here at Shapeways we’re always looking to improve by making the materials and the services we offer you more robust and easier to understand. Tomorrow, we’re launching a new mystery material, and tonight, we’re changing names of our Silver finishes. In an effort to have congruent nomenclature across materials families, “Silver Glossy” will now be known as “Polished Silver;” and regular “Silver” will now be labeled as “Raw Silver.” We hope that this helps customers and makers alike when selecting the best materials for their models. The Polished Silver is shopper-ready and great for jewelry, while our Raw Silver has a textured surface and lower price point, great for vintage designs, prototyping and large models. Our highly hand-polished, 100% Sterling Silver will remain “Premium Silver.” The design guidelines for Silver will remain the same. We hope this simplifies material specifications as we continue to introduce new finishes and families.


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