You Brass-ked, We Listened: Introducing Polished Brass and Raw Brass to Shapeways 3D Printing Materials

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We’re super excited here at Shapeways because we’re gearing up to launch new materials for you to 3D print in.

Shapeways Brass 3D Prints

Ora by Bathsheba in 3D print in Raw Brass, Gold Plated Brass and Polished Brass. 

Last month, when we introduced Gold Plated Brass, we hinted that new mystery metals were on their way. Now, we’re proud to announce that we’ve added Polished Brass and Raw Brass to our 3D printing materials. We’re now giving you even more ways to make your designs real in more materials than ever before.

Our new Polished Brass is final-product quality, with a very smooth, glossy finish. We’re sure you (and your customers) will love it.  

Nervous System 3D Print Brass on Shapeways

Morph Bangle by Nervous System 3D print in Polished Brass

We’ve also added another new material for Makers like you: Raw Brass. Raw Brass is perfect for creating antique-looking items, functional parts, jewelry prototypes, and it works really well for you to polish or finish yourselves. This is our latest material for people making functional parts, or who want to post-process material.

GothamSmith Brass 3D Print Shapeways

Bicycle Chainring Cufflinks by Gothamsmith 3D print in Raw Brass 

Both Polished Brass and Raw Brass will have the same design rules as our existing precious metals such as Gold Plated Brass:

Max bounding box: 100x100x100mm

Minimum wall/wire: 0.8mm

Minimum Emboss: 0.4mm Minimum

Engrave: 0.35mm

Polished Brass will have a start up of $20 and $18.00 per cm3

Raw Brass will have a start up cost of $10 and $16.00 per cm3

Brass 3D Print Crowbar Shapeways

Keychain Mini Crowbar Tool 3D print in Polished Brass by Innovo 

To help get you ‘chip away’ at some new designs, use the code oc3mv to apply a 10% discount on Raw and Polished Brass orders of your own items placed up until Wednesday the 2nd of October at Midnight (PDT).

The fine print: This promotion is non-transferable and valid 5 times per customer with a maximum discount of $1,000 per order. This promotion may not be combined with other discounts or promotion codes. 10% discount applies only to 3D prints of your own models in Polished Brass or Raw Brass (not total order value). If you order a model during the promotion period that cannot be printed and has not been successfully printed before, we cannot apply discounts to future orders. If you return your purchase, you will be refunded the amount paid.

Check out the 3D printed Brass page on the materials hub for more details.

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  1. Christian

    Awesome!! Exactly what I was hoping for 🙂

    1. Duann

      We thought this would make a lot of designers happy!

  2. Anonymous

    I’m curious to read a benchmark between gold plated glossy steel and this new raw brass. They look quite similar. Is the raw brass significantly smoother?

    1. Duann

      I would put it like this,

      Gold plated stainless steel is like painting granite, gold plated brass is a smooth, professional jewelry grade finish.

    2. Anonymous

      I see. I was asking about gold plated steel vs *raw* brass, not vs gold plated brass 🙂

    3. Duann

      OK, I would say that the Raw Brass is considerably smoother than the Gold plated Stainless Steel.

      Think Raw Brass as 800 grit sandpaper and Stainless as 80 grit.

    4. Anonymous

      Cool, thanks for your quick replies.

  3. Bobbie Jean Pentecost

    Fantastic! I wonder if we will ever see larger bounding box limitations and a comedown in the price. Otherwise, I am deeply enthused. 😀

    1. NimlothCQ

      Is this available on Shapeways currently in any material? Also, would you consider scaling it to fit the bounding box of brass?

    2. Bobbie Jean Pentecost

      Hi. 🙂 It’s not up presently but I intend to put it up. And yes, I also intend to put in a smaller scale version to be printable in brass. Though I really wish they would extend the bounding box limitation. 10cm is rather small. On the DA page I linked to, I will be posting a journal when it is ready for purchase. Or you can just check in a few weeks. I want to do a little more work on the model before I put it up.

  4. Glenn Slingsby

    Oh, great, I got my first order in before you posted this and now I lost out on the 10% discount!!

  5. Keiran Ryan

    Firstly thanks for the new possibilities.

    What percentage of shrinkage would you expect in casting parts in raw brass, as I can adjust the original part to allow for the expected shrinkage.

    Regards Keiran Ryan

    1. Charles Schuster

      Hi Keiran,
      The possibility of doing a 3D Brass HO Scale Pay Bus that “Jeevi” has done and printed in plastic interests me but the cost???!!!
      Can it be printed in thinner sections which also could reduce volume cost?
      Other HO Puffing Billy small locomotives 3D Printed by “Jeevi” are also a possibility?
      I will have the NSW Pay Bus trial prints with me at Liverpool MR Expo on the Saturday-
      talking with Joe at Casula Hobbies.

    2. Keiran Ryan

      Hi Charles.

      I have been comparing parts that I have done in plastic like 7mm clack valves, and marker lamps, and I will be trialing raw brass to see how they come up. I can get them in silver in Sydney in about 4 days and then have them cast in pewter, which works out really well, as they are done in hi res. The waxes that Shapeways does will possibly done in a similar manner, then it will be the resolution of the drawings that makes the difference..

  6. Neil Briggs

    The design rules above differ from those on the product page, which is correct?

    1. Anonymous

      Go with the rules on the material page.

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