Introducing Porcelain to our marketplace

The cow, coffee cup

Late last year we launched a new pilot program and introduced our first ever material fully developed in-house, Porcelain. Since then we’ve been working closely with our community to perfect this new material, and today we’re excited to announce Porcelain is available to shoppers everywhere. From beautiful espresso cups to unique vases, anyone can now make and buy this incredible material.

When the pilot program was first introduced last year we kept it small to help us control the different orders, and slowly introduced it to more designers as time went on. This allowed us to communicate with all of the designers and spend more 1-1 time with them. The information and intel we got from this community was invaluable as we worked to improve upon the process and the quality of the material.

Shapeways’ Porcelain is crafted using a totally unique process we’ve been developing for over a year. First, we print a mold using our industrial SLS printers. Then, we cast porcelain into the mold, remove the mold, and glaze the piece by hand. This process combines the high quality of handmade porcelain with the flexibility of 3D printing. The end result is a durable, functional, high detail product with a beautiful finish only possible with real Porcelain. Porcelain is food, dishwasher, and oven safe.

We’re so excited to see more and more Porcelain pieces show up in our marketplace. So many amazing designs have been printed in the past year and we know this is just the beginning. Be sure to share your favorite Porcelain pieces with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Check out some amazing examples below!

Questions about Porcelain? Leave them below or check out the forum!

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