Fashion in 3D: Bow & Drape 3D Printed Accessories

We’re really excited to announce our latest entry into the fashion world! We’ve partnered with e-clothier and innovative womenswear brand, Bow & Drape, to launch a line of chic 3D printed accessories for Fall 2013. The line includes leather belts and clutches, both with 3D printed hardware.

It’s really simple. Through the Bow and Drape website you can easily choose a 3D Printed design from a curated selection of vintage-inspired shapes including: elephants, geometric bows, lions, carousel horses, beetles, and even lipstick. Once an order is placed, it’s sent to our Factory of the Future and 3D Printed just for you. New designs will be added each season. What better way to stay unique and chic! 

We love seeing the innovative ways that 3D Printing is entering the consumer market and giving customers more choices on customizable items. How will you add custom style to your wardrobe this season?

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