Announcing the First Shop Owner Challenge

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It is Savannah, your Shop Owner Coach here, and we are gearing up to launch our first ever 30 Day Shop Owner Challenge! That is right, 30 days of dedicated content, just for all of you with open shops on Shapeways, or for those of you have considered it in the past. I have a few questions before we get started and I hope you’ll give me a hand.

I’ve been rallying the troops here within the company and within the community to put together tips, tricks and tutorials to help you along your way to making your shop a full-time business, or a fun side project, whichever you prefer. Please take a moment (less than 2 I promise) to answer this quick google questionnaire or sound off in the comments below to let us know how we can help!

 Looking forward to helping you achieve your 3D Printing Dreams :) !


  1. Fernando Sosa

    Give shops their own blog.. That way we can talk about improvements and new products we have in our shop. Also give us the ability to plug in images in the description using HTML.. So not all the images are at the top of the page. So we can show features of our product without having to say.. Oh yeah look at picture 8 or 9 so you know what I’m talking about

  2. fernando

    Allow shop owners to plug in images mid description with HTML.. Give Owners spage to make their own blog so we can post improvements to our products.. like shapeways/blogs/amznfx

  3. Todd Blatt

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was a time when Shapeways would attach earring hooks to our models, and attach them to a card, providing shop owners with an actual product to sell to out customers as opposed to a sort of DIY earring kit which they get now. Can we roll it back to the good ol’ days? Same goes with necklaces. Im sure I’m not the only one who’d be willing to pay for this service.

    And speaking of services I’d pay for, can we add a photo booth to the assembly line? If an object does not yet have a photo and it comes through the system, why not flag it as such, and have it go through a photobooth which could get automatically uploaded to the model’s page?

    See y’all this weekend!

  4. Robert

    Shapeways can best help, by streamlining their procedures/tools & internal staff/partner training, so that *consistent* verdicts, if a model is printable or not, are given. As a shop owner you look like a fool, whenever a model that has been printed before (and of course you have great pictures as proof on your product page of that), ‘suddenly’ can not be printed anymore….

  5. Fred

    My security software appears to be blocking the questionaire..

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