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Friday Finds: The 3D Printed Rings and an Inspiring Story

This Friday we are taking a look at some of the amazing rings by Shapeways designers 3D printed in a range of metals.  Speaking of metal, first up we have some very rock and roll looking rings by SG Designs.

sterling silver 3D print Ring Shapeways WOW

The Kat Von D Replica engagement ring shown here 3D Printed in Sterling Silver has been set with a black diamond and a patina added to make it look AMAZING.

The Ruby Corpse ring also by SG Designs is also a stunning example of what can be achieved with post production to 3D printed Sterling Silver.

a A little less Gothic but no less precious is the The One Ring 3D Printed in Stainless Steel and Gold Plated Stainless Steel

3D Print Silver Ring Shapeways

Finally, check out this beautiful Chaos Star Ring and the inspiring story behind it by R.Kurczewski.

“A friend of mine always dreamed about a jewelry set with a chaos star theme (8 arrows pointing outwards, symbolizing possibility of making all choices AND at the same time reminding that if you make one- you can not choose any other). I did a 3d model and decided to give a try to polished silver material. Now- modeling was an easy (and very pleasant) part, I did it in Blender so export AND sizing went perfectly well. You can see original model and renderings here. I must admit I have not seen a printed model- I ordered a “gift” to be sent directly to my friend so I was totally blasted when I’ve finally seen that does not really give it a justice- details are TINY (imagine that entire loop sits on very, VERY tiny, female finger) I was afraid I might break it with my clumsy hands (groundless worry, it has proven to be rather sturdy piece), and yet so crisp. Honestly- even thou I’ve been working with 3d printing for last like… 5 years or so, I am just AMAZED. The only wish I have is to have other metal materials being as precise as silver. Anyway- back to designing other pieces for that set…”

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