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Kapture and Shapeways partner to 3D Print Elegant Accessories

Kapture CEO and Co Founder Mike Sarow first pitched me the idea for Kapture, the “always-on audio-recording wristband” down in balmy Orlando 18 months ago, serendipitously at the same conference I met Pete, our CEO. It was collaborative love at first sight! Sarow graciously hosted me in Cincinnati during my Shapeways Roadtrip across America and today, we are proud to announce our accessories partnership with Kapture! 

“Kapture and Shapeways share a passion for enabling creative people to customize and make a product their own. When Shapeways released Gold Plated Brass, we had to include this incredible material as an interchangeable microphone grill option for our Kickstarter backers. We love the spirit within the Shapeways community of makers and we believe this is only the beginning of what Kapture and Shapeways can do together,” says Sarow. We couldn’t agree more, and take great pleasure in enabling entrepreneurs like Sarow and his Co Founder Matthew Dooley.

Kapture allows users to talk, tap and share the last 60 seconds of their audio life, so a moment is never missed. It’s always exciting to see Shapies launch Kickstarter campaigns, and even more so when those Shapies are personal friends. Kapture is off to an explosive start! Learn more and check out the custom Shapeways Gold Plated Brass grills on their Kickstarter page.

The Kapture and Shapeways collaboration illustrates one of the best use cases for our services. Accessory inventory is one of the biggest dilemmas facing any hardware company trying to get off the ground, especially in the consumer electronics space. Guessing how many of each color or design consumers will buy months in advance before a release can be frustrating and very expensive. Shapeways completely eliminates this problem by allowing designers to upload as many variations of accessories (and products for that matter) as they see fit and letting the customer decide on their final form factor and aesthetic.

I suspect this partnership is only the tip of the iceberg as we exit the mass manufacturing era and enter that of mass customization. Speaking of, how are we customizing your life?  


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