Tis the season to deck the halls in the spirit of the holidays! Well, okay, it will be in a few weeks. For Shapeways shop owners, this can be a lucrative time of year. But, you have to be prepared. Now is the time to get started thinking about how to boost the spirit of your Shapeways Shop to optimize for sales the holiday season. Here are a few tips to get you there.

#1 Add New Product Photos – Here are some helpful hints on how to take beautiful photos of your products for your shop.

#2 Enable the right Materials – Make sure you have the right materials for sale on your products. Don’t miss out on valuable sales – our Premium Strong & Flexible plastic and precious metal materials will surely be a hit this holiday.

#3 Shop Banner + Designer Avatar – If you don’t have them, you need them. ASAP! If you do have them, take a look and see if the look and feel are still in line with your brand. It may be time to brighten up for the holidays.

#4 Product / Shop Descriptions – Go through your products, and read the descriptions OUT LOUD. Does it flow? Is it still relevant, or is the info out of date?

#5 Link your Social Media Accounts – At the top of your shop page, you can link to your twitter account. This can be hugely helpful if a customer comes across your page and is interested in getting status updates long term.

#6 Product Display Order – Did you know that in your shop inventory page, you can change the way your products are assorted on the page? To reduce your bounce rate, boost your best selling items to the top of the page.

#7 Visual Coherency – If you’ve gotten someone to your shop page, you’ve already completed 80% of the battle. However, this is the part that makes or breaks the sale. It’s important to keep in mind the branding and language that you used to navigate people to that shop in the first place — and keep it consistent throughout.

Got any other tips or questions on spiffing up your shop this holiday? Check out all our past tips in the Shop Owner Bootcamp series. And come join in the conversation over in our Forums to give and get feedback from your peers!