Friday Finds: The Latest 3D Prints from the Shapeways Community

Every week we take a look at some of the awesome designs that Shapeways 3D prints on behalf of you, the Shapeways community.  If you would like to see your design featured on the Shapeways blog (and more), be sure to share good quality photos in the ‘It Arrived‘ section of the Shapeways forums.

Shapeways Skull 3D Print

Check out this 3D print of a human skull generated by a CT scan by one of our all time favorite Shapeways designers, the Museum of Small Things.

We are also starting to see some BEAUTIFUL Gold Plated Brass start to hit the Shapeways shops like the Japanese Fishscales Ring design by Rylinn 

Keeping on a Japanese theme the Small Tree Decoration by Stefano Alberti is a perfect quirky addition to your Bonzai tree.

Celebrate the freedom of the sea in the nautical age with the Steering ring by Pookas in Sterling Silver or bling it all the way out with Gold Plated Brass.

Happy weekend peoples!

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