Watch Now: Small Empires 23 Minute Episode Featuring Shapeways 3D Printing

The viral epicenter of the digital world, Reddit, consistently surfaces some of the best products on Shapeways, and many of our favorite Shapies are also active Redditors. Rather serendipitously, The Verge just launched a new series called “Small Empires,” hosted by Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, which focuses on New York based startups. We’re humbled to be chosen as their fifth Episode and had a total blast giving their crew the full tour of HQ and our factory in Long Island City, NY. 

Memes are incredibly popular on Shapeways, and we were able to show Alexis and The Verge gang some of our favorites. Alexis even tried to 3D Print his own real bacon (okay, I’m half kidding, but he did leave a treat on our Materials Scientists’ desk.) The day of the shoot was as fun as it was functional, and we hope that the feature gives you more of an inside look at life here at Shapeways.

I have been in social media since the dawn of its time (depending on who you ask). I consider myself very fortunate to have been one of the first people to be a member of “The Facebook.” I remember when Twitter launched, and how many years it took for it to have relevance. I remember when memes went from something I read about in textbooks to something I saw on the internet every week -> Day ->5 minutes. I also remember the light gray, simple UI, and ferocious virality that emerged when Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman founded Reddit. Maximizing the ease of upvote, Reddit made it possible to go viral at a completely new speed. 

This is very similar to how 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing make it possible to go to market at record (nearly instantaneous) speed. The ability to go from digital design file to finished, shipping product in a click fulfills a need for our designers just as Reddit does for it’s content creators and curators.

Grab some popcorn, call a few friends, and enjoy the longest video about Shapeways EVER! Special thanks to our friends at The Verge, Reddit and Alexis for himself for featuring us in this amazingly-well-produced and inspiring series. Let us know your favorite part of the show and anything questions it sparked for your in the comments.

*Photos courtesy of Alexis Ohanian and The Verge Small Empires Team

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