Currently seeking backers on indiegogo, the FABtotum might just be the ultimate desktop fabricator.

fabtotum personal digital fabrication

More than just an FDM 3D printer, the unit also has 2D milling suitable for carving everything from wood to circuit boards, with 4 axis machining which is also amazing for a desktop unit but it also includes a 3D scanner so you can go from real world to digital.

If the team from Milan can deliver on their promise based on their initial prototype, this might be one of the most disruptive stand alone machines to hit the market.

Their indiegogo campaign is looking to raise $50,000 with over $20,000 already raised and 47 days to go it is very likely we will get to see the FABtotum realized and shipped early 2014. The early bird special of $849 for the assembled unit is already sold out but you can still pick up a kit for $999 including shipping or $1099 for an assembled unit.

Check out the full specs of this open source beast.

  • Size: 366x366x366mm
  • Printing volume (additive) : 210x240x240mm (24 % in additive mode)
  • Milling Volume (Subtractive) : 210x240x[your milling bit height] mm
  • Scan volume (optical/digitalizer) : as much as accesible (up to printing volume depending on the object shape)
  • Scan Angular resolution: from 83 to 133 steps/degree in 1/16th microstepping mode.
  • CMOS sensor: 1024×768 or above.
  • 4th axis Milling angular resolution:  as “Scan Angular resolution”
  • Z precision: 0,00047mm (0,47 microns)
  • Additive materials: PLA,ABS : built in protected material storage/coil.
  • Subtractive materials: with onboard motor: Foam,Balsa,Plywood,thin Aluminium, brass alloys (PCB layer).
  • Additive head:   0.35, 0.45 or 0.5mm nozzle Bowden extruder.
  • Subtractive tool: Onboard 30 Watt spindle. standard milling bits (3.25mm diam.)
  • Additional tool: space for tools up to 60mm mounting diameter.
  • Acquisition method: Laser Scanner (line laser) and Z digitizer probe
  • Other systems: mechanical homing endstops, vacuum cleaner port.
  • I/O : USB