We take pictures because we want to remember. To freeze a moment and make it everlasting. With technology ever evolving, the next step in capturing those precious moments is to make it more tangible. 3D scanning and printing does just that. With 3D scanning you are able to digitize a form, space or shape, and even a human. With 3D printing by Shapeways, you can transform those digital scans into memories you can hold in your hand.
3D Selfie group
Today, we’re happy to share that Shapeways has partnered with 10 locations in the Netherlands to support their 3D scanning service by seamlessly 3D printing Selfies for customers. It only takes 60 seconds to get scanned and then Shapeways will 3D print and ship your Selfie.
When I started working at Shapeways, I was constantly asked jokingly by friends: “Do you also 3D print people?” I finally have an answer to that question: Yes! I’ve already had myself 3D scanned and printed, and did the same for my girlfriend who lives in the Netherlands (I live in New York). Having a 3D print of her brings good memories to life.

As with photography in the early days, the 3D scanning process is constantly improving. Today you have to stand still for about 60 seconds while somebody walks around you with a scanner. Google is working to equip its future phones with a 3D scanner built in and in the Shapeways factory in Eindhoven we are building a massive walk-in-3D-scanner which creates a scan in 0.1 seconds.

Scanning couple

But don’t take my word for it, go get scanned and get a 3D printed Selfie to gift to a family or friend, or just to have as a fun desk toy! Check out this page for more information and to find the nearest location.

Get Scanned

Super excited and want to start 3D scanning yourself? Soon we will finalize connections between scanning software, hardware and Shapeways so you can also start your own scanning business.  Click here for more details.