Congratulations, You Are the Winner of Our Pendant Design Contest

AmLachDesigns, you are the winner of our Pendant Design Contest: Show Off 3D Printing Precious Metals with your Heart Cage Pendant. The design subtly shows off the way in which we can 3D print things within things with our jewelry grade materials like Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Brass with an elegant, feminine style.

3D Print SIlver Pendant on Shapeways

It was not easy to pick a winner with over 160 entrants in what was one of our quickest contests we have ever hosted on Shapeways.  We are continuing to work on bringing you more high quality 3D printing material options to Shapeways with our new Mystery Metal the next in line with many more to come.  We are focusing not only on bringing new materials to Shapeways, but also working hard to improve the quality and consistency of our existing options.  You should see your prints evolve over the coming months.

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