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Live Now!!! Ask Pete Anything!

Hey Shapies! Super exciting news! Tomorrow, Peter Weijmarshausen, our fearless leader, will be opening the floodgates and inviting the reddit community to “Ask Me Anything.” Weijmarshausen (ShapewaysPete on Reddit) and the rest of our super sweet team will be standing by starting at Noon Eastern time today, August 20th. We’ll post the reddit thread live HERE when it’s go time. 

Hope to see you there!

Can’t make the AMA? Feel free to ask questions in the comments below and we’ll get back to you.

P.S. There will be a special discount code for everyone who joins us tomorrow, don’t miss out :)


  1. Natalia

    What is going to be the next Strandbeest?

  2. Darren Hartenstine

    If only there were a company willing to promote their awesome printing materials and showcase a few designers, too? ;-)

    I’ve been sitting here dreaming of what my 3D model will look and feel like in Premium Silver or Gold Plated Brass. Software rendering will only take me so far – I guess it’s back to dreamville for a while.

    Just in case, I’ll leave this link here and see what happens.

  3. mark thomas

    I really do think the Ear-Bone demonstrates in an exemplary way the virtues of EP. I struggled but failed to make this model work in WSF, and when EP arrived it was like the Shapeways fairy god-mother had touched the model with her wand. Suddenly it worked… the gadget grabbed hold of the cords and wouldn’t let go without a fight. It does whatever work I need it to do. I now can’t imagine how I tolerated my earbuds without it.

  4. mark thomas

    p.s.: you mean tag my model with HallOfFame on Flickr, right? (do tags on Flickr actually need hashtags?)

  5. Ina

    Hi! I just launched a new jewelry collection in nylon plastics. This project was a co-creation project between designer and a 3d modeler. We’re both excited about the end-result and would love to hear from the community what they think! The collection combines a smooth and textured line. Creating the textured line has taken a while to develop as I wanted as much detail as possible in the dots and holes in every single piece. My personal favorite and the piece I would love to be considered for the Hall of Fame is the textured cuff: #HallofFame

    1. Natalia

      You add it as a tag on the right hand sidebar

    2. mark thomas

      I am only now seeing this clarification. I’ve added the tag in the right place. I hope I can still be considered.

  6. Natalia

    These are great everyone!
    Tags should be on your Shapeways model page so we know we can print it, not on Flikr.
    Thanks! Keep them coming, you have 24 hours left :-)

  7. GWMT

    The nuts and bolts on this 5mm long wheel stop are as small as you can get for printing in FUD:

    This FUD switchstand’s a good example of lots of tiny moving parts that fit together perfectly: I can send you some assembled and painted units if Mitchell doesn’t have time to build some.

  8. Gillian Posey

    My Entanglement pendant should look great in silver or gold-plated brass, and has an intricate interior:

    My Spinning Star Vase and Dish may not be quite as intricate as Vertox’s vase, but I think they do give an idea of some of the possibilities.

    Spinning Star Vase:

    Spinning Star Dish:

    Finally, I think my Moody Heart and Flower-Heart Clock both show the possibilities of Full-Color Sandstone, with coloring generated algorithmically based on and enhancing the shapes. I especially love the enhanced shadows on my Moody Heart.

    Moody Heart:

    Flower-Heart Clock:

  9. Natalia

    Thank you everyone for your entries!
    Winners have been notified by email and will have their work displayed at MakerFaire in New York on September 20-21st. Come stop by our booth if you are in the area!
    Have a great weekend!

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