The importance of design keeps on growing at a global scale, proven by the fact that more and more international design events take place in major world cities. Last week (and well, technically a few days longer) creativity hit Helsinki in Finland. From September 3-13, the Helsinki Design Week attracted more than 120,000 visitors to more than 200 participating events. One of these events is the Childish Project from Kristos Mavrostomos and Anna van der Leij.


As the name of the event already states, the Childish Project is fully focused on children who attended Helsinki Design Week. Before you get the wrong impression, this event was anything BUT childish! Ages ranged from 1 to 16, and the kids were able to draw the perfect plate for their favourite dish of food.


With careful guidance from Kristos and Anna, 300 children unleashed their fantasy on paper and these were all presented in a huge exhibition as seen above as part of a competition. The 10 most unique drawings will come to life and be 3D printed in our own Porcelain material. 


As you can see the kids had a lot of creative and colorful ideas. We can’t wait to see the top 10 designs come to life! The winning designs are being chosen while you read this, it will take some time for us to print but stay tuned to hear what happens next!