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The Travels of a 3D Printed Wedding Ring

There’s been a trend this summer on Shapeways of Shapies designing custom wedding rings and bands. Miguel, one of our community members, did just this for his August 3rd wedding. Due to some unfortunate summer scheduling issues, the ring that was supposed to arrive July 30th, in time for the wedding, was now scheduled to ship August 2nd and would arrive on August 5th, two days too late. Shapeways Eindhoven began to strategize… the ring had to be there for the wedding! They looked into overnighting the ring to Madrid, but it was going to cost at least 700 EUR! At a stand still, the Eindhoven office decided to call Miguel and break the bad news.

On August 2nd, the Eindhoven office received an extra silver shipment of late orders… and the ring was inside! Thrilled, the team set off on finding a way to get it to Miguel. UPS online said it wouldn’t be possible to ship the ring overnight. While Adela was on the phone with UPS Customer Service, Jan tried to find a community member flying from Amsterdam to Madrid that day. Finally, they were able to convince UPS to ship the ring so it would arrive the next day at 1pm. They called up Miguel with the great news, who was extremely happy, especially because he had been on his way to buy a replacement ring. 

Miguel e-mailed saying “During the morning I had to call and mobilize UPS Spain… And the ring arrived 5min before going out from home to the ceremony!” He also attached the above picture of his wife, Natalia, wearing the ring during the ceremony. They are now enjoying their honeymoon at the beach! Congratulations Miguel and Natalia, and thanks for letting us share your story!

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