Shapeways 3D Printing Helps to Bring Gazepoint Eye Tracking to Market

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Exciting new startup Gazepoint came to see us last week at SIGGRAPH 2013 in L.A. and showed us their awesome GP3 eye-tracker unit which demonstrates excellent use of Shapeways for prototyping and production.

gazepoint shapeways 3D Print

Gazepoint designed the housing and the matching VESA screen mount, creating several 3D printed prototype iterations, in the short span of under 2 months. The availability of 3D printing and the quick turnaround by Shapeways allowed the Gazepoint team to complete their design and bring it to market much faster than was ever possible before.   We were very impressed with the sleek and efficient design of this product and happy that our technology has helped get it to market.   An eye-tracker is a device that allows a computer to determine where you are looking on a screen. It tracks the user’s gaze point and can be used for control such as a game input, for usability such as web or advertising analysis or even for assistive communication for the disabled.

Much like Shapeways mission is to give everyone access to the tools of manufacturing with 3D printing, Gazepoint’s mission is make these eye tracking devices affordable and available to everyone and to spur development of cool new applications for gaze based technologies!


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  2. Bryce Gaddis

    There is a reason why shapeways was used the most. It means that a lot of people are satisfied with the services because of its ability to generate great results. I’m interested to see how they fare this year compared to the others.

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