Call for Products: Be Showcased in our next 3D Mystery Metal Material Launch

Have you ever wondered how we choose the products that are selected for showcase in our new materials launch? Have you ever wondered how you can be featured? Enter our weekend contest and your model could find it’s way to the home page in a material no one has ever seen before!

Deadline: Monday, August 5th at Midnight Pacific

Perks: Publicity! In addition to being on our front page, our materials launches always get picked up by 6-12 Industry publications, and they always feature the professional photographs of the models we select. Photos! We hire professional photographers to come in before each launch and make your products sing in the spotlight. We even upload the photos to your shop on the eve of launch with a special launch sale banner.

Design Guidelines: Products Submitted must follow the same design rules as our premium metals (check out Premium Silver and Gold Plated Brass for a reminder)

Other Rules: You must agree to work with us on optimally pricing your model for greatest traction, and keep the price stable for two weeks after launch. We will include a sale banner on the product image so that shoppers know that this your product is a part of our exclusive launch sale.

Our Promotions Committee works very hard for months before each new material launch here at Shapeways and Shapies often inquire as to how to get selected. We weigh a variety of factors for each launch including, but not limited to: printability, design quality, overall Shop Owner brand/image, markup and consumer appeal. Include a link to the models & products you would like to see featured in our next launch below, or post them on our Facebook page.

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