Your Input Needed for the Annual 3D Printing Survey

The Annual 3D Printing Survey conducted by Jarkko Moilanen as part of the initiative for open source research on peer production (supported by the Peer to Peer Foundation) is now open.  Answer the 23 simple questions to help everyone gain a better understanding of how and why you are using 3D printing, whether with an online solution such as Shapeways or with a desktop 3D printer at your home, hacker space or school.

SHapeways Most Popular 3D Printing Service

Last year Shapeways was ranked as the most popular 3D printing service with the majority of respondents that had actually used a 3D printing service with really interesting results around the motivation for using 3D printing and use cases.  You can see the full report from last year at Peer Production.  

Make sure you fill out the survey so we can all better understand your use of 3D printing so we can better tailor our material options at Shapeways to your needs. 

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