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Community Journal #5

Welcome to the 5th Community Journal, and check out what’s been happening in the Shapeways community the past few weeks…

Custom Gifts

Lately, we’ve had a few exciting gift stories on the forum, so we collected two of our favorites to share with you. First up, we have turnip_stew, who was in China for his mother’s birthday. Knowing that he couldn’t be there to give her a gift himself, he designed this Geometric Elephant, inspired by her memories of Africa, and ordered it through Shapeways. Not only did it turn out to be an awesome gift, but he was still able to give her something personal and custom from far away. 

Next we have TurtlesAreCool who combined his love of fantastical things, and his sister’s love of horses to make Jenlai, the Herald of Spring Centauress for his sister’s high school graduation. He ordered the Centauress in WSF and then painted the model before giving it to his sister. Check it all out here


One of Shapeways’s puzzlemasters, Oskar Van Deventer, was interviewed for an awesome article on Gigaom. Read all about it here!

Kickstarting D14 and D18 Dice

Magic’s D14 and D18, from the Truncated Sphere Series, have made their way to Kickstarter to be mass produced. Learn more here


Shapeways user Aleksandar Dimitorv shared a ten minute tutorial on how he created his clip vase. See how it all happened in the video below:

Clip on vase tutorial from Aleksandar on Vimeo.

Gold Plated Brass Community Initiative 

With the release of Gold Plated Brass we saw some community members lowering their markups so that all Shapeways users could test out the new material. The Initiative started here on the forums and we were excited to see Community members were so happy about the new material and eager to share. 

If you’ve done something cool and want to see it featured, drop us a line at We can’t wait to hear your stories!

Stay tuned for our next installment! 

The Community Team: Natalia, Bart, Michael, Savannah and Daniela. 

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