Maker Faire Singapore was Powered by the Shapeways Community!

Last weekend Lionel Wong,  Hanyang Leong (FunbieStudios), Adriel Sim (arie11a0) and Elvin Liang represented Shapeways at Maker Faire Singapore.

Lionel reports:
“It has been a hectic weekend over at the Shapeways booth in the 2013 Singapore Mini Maker Faire! We had with us an impressive collection of 3D printed models in all shapes and sizes and they did a great job pulling the crowds to our booth!
It was a varied lot that visited us that weekend. We had parents with young kids in tow looking to do something educational over the weekend, we had professional designers and architects who want a closer look at these models they had only seen on websites. We even have a number of engineers and tinkerers with their own 3D printers who are curious about the offerings that Shapeways have to offer.
Educators, investors, businessmen had a significant presence there as well.

Everyone was truly surprised at the impressive variety of the Shapeways material portfolio. It is the first time for many to have held their first 3D printed Stainless Steel and Ceramic models. Even White Strong Flexible, an old favorite for many Shapeways users, was something new to them and many questions were asked and answered. Theo Jansen’s Animus Geneticus #7 in particular was a hot favorite; Their eyes all lit up when they blew onto the propeller and saw the model start walking in response.

Since a 3D printing service like Shapeways is new to so many of them, they did not hesitate to ask questions and collect the brochures we provided. In fact, we’ve given out the entire stack we had. There must have been a few hundred individual visitors over the two days. We even saw some familiar faces return a second time bringing their friends and relatives!
All in all it has been a rewarding weekend! We can see a growing awareness of 3D printing among the general populace and outreaches like these do help a lot. We should definitely have more of these in the future!”

I wish we could have been there ourselves! Maker Faires are just amazing places to be. Would you like to attend one, promote Shapeways and/or your own products? Check out this list of upcoming Maker Faires and drop us a line. We’ll make sure you have an amazing time!

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