Maker Faire Contest

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Maker Faire is an incredibly fun and creative event for people who ‘hack’ technology and hardware. Last year there were 500 makers there and 65,000 visitors. The makers exhibit anything from robots to musical instruments to knitwear. You can check out a video from last year below to get an impression.  

Shapeways is going to go the Bay Area Maker Faire on the 30-31st of May. If you’re there come meet us! 

To inspire people we would like to show off the best models that you can possibly make. Something that will make people go wow! Something that explains how 3D printing will change things. Something that someone will look at, hold in their hand and can make this? 

The Maker Faire contest is your chance to have your most amazing design made. Anything you want, anything that you think will inspire and amaze is game. The top 3 models will be 3D printed, exhibited at Maker Faire and then sent to the lucky winners. The winning designer gets an additional $300 in 3D printing from us.

The fine print: The contest closes the 15th of May. Enter by adding the tag: makerfaire to your upload. Your model has to be less expensive than $200.     


  1. Walter Sharrow

    I’d love to do something interactive, but there’s alot I don’t know about the printed objects. It would be very helpful if there were some templates released that showed the thickness springs should be before they can be useful. And how much distance is needed between objects before they’ll move independently. Could you produce a video for YouTube showing some moving parts, along with links to files we can import and look over, to see how those parts were made? That would be very helpful for making springs.

    1. Kirt

      Ooops. 😀

      “… for Make: Online”

    2. Walter Sharrow

      What does this have to do with downloadable templates? I need to know the thicknesses necessary for working springs and moving parts. I know how to find Make’s website.

      I’ve experimented with making moving parts over the last 2 weeks, but the models I ordered haven’t even shipped yet. I don’t think I’ll get enough information in time to make something nice, not to mention spending alot of money needless on facts others already know.

      It would be helpful if there where just some videos showing what kind of moving parts are possible and templates showing how they were made. (And something in 3D Studio compatible format would be great!)

    3. Joris

      We’re working on providing you guys with lots of information on that. I should be able to put a tutorial live on monday that should give you guys background information on clearance and springs.

      In the coming weeks we should be putting more tutorials live that deal with mechanical parts such as springs and gears.

      To get you started: clearance has to be at least 0.5mm and wall thickness should be 1mm at all times.

      You can also check out the wall thickness tutorial.

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