Creating Chocolate Monkeys

3D Printing in Chocolate? No, not really, but if you’re inventive enough, that shouldn’t stop you..

Last week I met Chris Want of the University of Alberta, Canada. Chris has access to a 3d printer on his job at the university and he combined it with his great hobby: making chocolates.

Using the 3d printer and silicon he created a mold that he then used to pour chocolate monkeys. The process forced him to think carefully about the shapes of the chocolates: they couldn’t have an undercut as that would make it impossible to pull them from the mold without breaking them. The entire thing (dripping super glue on the models to cure them, pouring the silicon and working with the chocolate) must have made a tremendous mess of his kitchen, but unfortunately he doesn’t show that 😉

If you want to make your own: Chris explains the entire process in detail on his website, including the gotchas he ran in to. Have fun, and don’t forget to send us a couple of chocolates when you’re done!

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