Freakin’ Sweet 3D Printed Knots

Do you like Freakin’ Sweet Knots?  How about Freakin’ Sweet Apps?  Meet John Allwine, he’s a master of both!

John is an awesome Shapeways Shop Owner who is using 3D Printing to turn his love for knot tying into a freakin’ sweet
small business! Now that is what we love to hear! He launched his Freakin’ Sweet Knots custom ring app last week.  The app leverages Shapeways API allows shoppers to customize rings based on a variety of sizes and Shapeways materials! I had an awesome conversation with John over Skype and learned all about the future of his app and the reoccurring role of knots in his own life, all while he sat on his front porch(jealous!)

Why knots?

I did a program with Dreamworks where they take you right out of college and train you for six months.  You have to generate a 3D thing that’s sort of woven or procedural in some way.  I made an animation of a knot being tied, and I got a job.  I’ve always had a thing for tying knots.  I even make my dog knotted toys.

Did you ever think that you would be designing jewelry now?

No(laughs.) Not at all.  I made an engagement ring(pictured below) for my wife by knotting wire.  When I learned about 3D Printing I figured there must be some way to customize and create knotted products on demand. 

How did you find Shapeways?

When I first heard about 3D Printing I started reading all about it.  I think I just stumbled upon Shapeways on the Internet.  I started looking around at other sites and it looked like Shapeways was the best one.

How has Shapeways helped you?

I really hope it does help with this app.  It’s very cool to let someone else handle the manufacturing!  I like 3D Printing for the ability to make my own stuff.

What can users expect from your app?

The first version of the app is very simple on purpose.  You just need to install Unity 3D, but then you can start customizing.  We are also coming out with a mobile
app soon!

What awesome things can we expect from Freakin’ Sweet Knots in the future?

Jewelry and more jewelry.  I need to fill in the rest of the jewelry stuff.  More bracelets, more complicated rings, pendants.  I’ve also thought about making plant hangers. 

Knots or not, we are thrilled to help John get the word out about his awesome app and show all of you this beautiful custom jewelry! 

Head over to his Shapeways shop or the Freakin’ Sweet Knots site now!


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