A few months ago we announced a very special contest we held with DJI to empower the Shapeways community to think outside of the box and design accessories for the DJI Inspire 1 and DJI Phantom 3…and boy did you deliver!

We received amazing entries that really showcase the creativity of this community and the power of 3D printing. The winning entries were chosen based on creativity and design. For this one, the team wasn’t concerned about how well the product functioned (yet) – we really just wanted to see what amazing ideas you had in your head! Our special guest judge, Adam Savage, had a great time combing through our Top 10, and was able to help us pick one grand prize winner and three runner ups.

Without further ado, we present the Shapeways + DJI Take Flight contest winners:

Grand prize winner:

Fusion Imaging

Floating DJI Phantom 3 – Fusion Marine FM1


“The Fusion Marine FM1 transforms your DJI Phantom 3 into an aquatic flyer. Attaching in just seconds with no additional tools or fasteners required, the FM1 opens up a whole new world of photographic and filming opportunities.”


Jordy Wubbels



“Add this CLAW to your DJI Phantom/Inspire to make flying your drone an even more gripping experience! Pickup (and drop); waterballoons, packages, balls, confetti, a smaller drone, or give your guinea pig an aerial tour of the neighborhood!” 

Michael Miller

DJI Phantom – Snap Strap with Pilot Chair


“The Snap Strap with a built in pilot chair is an accessory for your DJI Phantom 2/3 that allows you to attach almost any 4″ action figure / figurine to your drone as you cruise through the skies. Now you can bring your battles to life as your drone becomes a realistic vehicle for your favorite action figures! Think of all the possibilities! The Snap Strap easily attaches to the DJI Phantom without any screws or fasteners and holds tight so it won’t fall off. Simply snap it over the top housing and it’s ready for take off! To remove you can simply pull it off.”

BGStudio Shop

Multi-purpose DJI drone bucket


“This multi-purpose bucket comes in an open and closed version. The open version can be used for dromantically delivering flowers to a loved one. The closed version is designed for taking fluid samples, such as water, in areas that are hard to reach for you but perfectly accessible for your DJI drone, such as open water in a lake. The bucket is water tight and submersible when attached to the drone. (We refer to it as the Mars Rover kit) Both the open and closed version can also be used for other purposes. You can suspend the bucket below your DJI drone with the smooth S-shaped suspension brackets. Mounting is swift.”

Congratulations to all the winners! Just because the contest is officially over doesn’t mean you should stop making your ideas come to life. Keep designing these amazing drone accessories and make sure to share them with us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook!