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3D Print your very own, very personal stamp

I have been playing around with the possibility of printing in “rubber”. This is a flexible material (not actual rubber) that can be printed with the same machines that print our current Black-, White- and Transparent detail. I have generated a height map based on a picture (jpg or GIF) saved it and printed it….
Obviously this image can be made in any piece of software or just by taking picture of something you like t o make a stamp of… flowers, faces, structures,…

It takes some additional work after you have received the package at home but this opens up much more possibilities that go far beyond standard stamps.

I still need to optimize the process to get the best stamp possible. I just wanted to share this with you guys because it makes me really enthusiastic when I think about all new possibilities. For all clarity we currently do not yet offer this material but if you are interested in making your own stamp feel free to let me know đŸ˜‰
I’ll keep you guys posted. 

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