White, Strong and Faster! Now Shipping in 6 Days

Whenever we talk to our community, your number one request is always: ‘Can I get it faster?’. And we’re listening! We have been working hard on streamlining our processes and optimizing our machines for speed.

As a first result we are now able to deliver White Strong & Flexible products to you faster than ever: your products will now ship in 6 business days instead of 8!

For now, we offer this faster shipping time for ‘basic’ WSF (not polished or dyed), and for models with all axes < 20cm. All other models in Strong & Flexible Plastic will still ship in 12 business days.

We’re working hard to reduce the delivery times for all our materials, so long as we don’t sacrifice quality or reliability. So stay tuned, we will have more good news coming your way next week!


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