What do You Want to 3D Print That You Cannot Due to Materials Available

We have a new 3D printing material waiting in the wings ready to launch and we recently introduced Elasto Plastic as our first Maker material but as we think about which material to introduce next, we first want to ask you what you would like to make, but cannot with our current range of materials?

Let us know what you would like to 3D print, and the material properties required to make your design successful.

Email your responses to and the materials team and I will investigate the what 3D printing materials will best fit your requirements.

If you have an image or a URL for your design please share that with us in the email so we can better understand your material requirements.

We do already have some very interesting materials planned for the rest of this year, but we are excited to incorporate more into our 3D printing material selection on Shapeways. 

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