The Community

Community Journal #4

Once again, we’ve rounded up exciting community news and gathered it all here! We want to keep you posted as to what’s going on throughout the Shapeways community and if you want to be informed- keep reading! 

Shapeways Turned 5

As you may already know, Shapeways turned 5 last week and to celebrate we had parties in NYC and Eindhoven! Check out pictures from the events below.



LA Meetup

Some of the Shapeways crew is headed to LA next week for SIGGRAPH, and on Monday night, they’re hosting a meeting up! Location is TBD, but it will probably be from 6-8. Click here for updates and to RSVP.

They “Rose” from the Forums

We always like a good story on the Forums, but we love when a story was able to happen because of the forums. Meet Jeff Block, an artificial rose businessman who read about Shapeways in Entrepreneur Magazine. He was instantly excited about 3D printing as a new means of creating his roses, so he joined Shapeways and posted on the 3D Modeler Needed section of the forum. That’s how he met 3D modeler Adam Melotte. After various e-mail exchanges they had their product: the I Love you Rose. They’ve already sold 35 and they’re a hit!

To read more about their story look here, and click here to see where to buy one! 

Strandbeest Add-On

Another exciting thing we spotted on the forums is this Strandbeest Add-on. We love when people work together or add on to each other, striving to make the best design possible. er1c wanted to make a vertical axis turbine to help his Strandbeest walk autonomously and we think the results are awesome! See for yourself in the picture below.

Joaquin Baldwin- Taking the Internet by Storm

As readers of this blog, you have probably seen Joaquin Baldwin’s bacon mobius strip, or his retro rotary iPhone case, but his products that are really taking over the internet are his Final Fantasy 7 characters. You may have seen them here on Shapeways, or on the homepage of BuzzFeed, or in his very interview here! A big congrats to Joaquin! He’s really spreading the word and making more people fall in love with 3D printing.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in LA or around the forums!